A company profile of cisco systems

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Company Profile: Cisco Systems

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Cisco Systems, Inc SuccessStory

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Cisco Profile

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Cisco Systems Company Profile Cisco Systems, Inc designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol based networking and other products related to the communications and information technology industry worldwide.

The Cisco Systems, Inc. company profile evaluates the business of the company through SWOT analysis.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

It offers intense outlook on the strengths of the company which lead to avail potential market opportunities for the business. About Cisco Systems Inc. Based in San Jose, CA, Cisco Systems Inc.

is now a powerful multinational company that develops, plans, designs, produces and handles the sales of networking equipment. Cisco Systems was started in December by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner.

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The name Cisco was actually taken from the name of the city ‘San Francisco’. Company Profile and SWOT Analyis Profile of Cisco Systems, Inc. in Hoover's Company Profile database SWOT analysis of Cisco Systems in Business Source Complete.

A company profile of cisco systems
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Cisco Systems Inc. – San Jose, CA – Company Profile