A company profile of the standard oil company

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Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd.

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Standard Oil Company and Trust

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Senoro Upstream and Downstream LNG Project.


MedcoEnergi as a Private National Oil & Gas Company and its partners has succeeded in monetizing the Senoro gas field which was previously considered as stranded gas, by supplying gas to the Donggi Senoro LNG plant among others.

The Standard Oil Investment Group is a Los Angeles based Real Estate Investment, Development, Loan/Banking and Asset Management Company specializing in the identification, acquisition, and operation of real estate assets nationwide.

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You can rely on our licensed engineers. Year in which Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony) merged with Vacuum Oil to form the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Mamoth Oil Port,Staten Island, New York Name the first oil port opened by Socony-Vacuum.

A company profile of the standard oil company
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