A history of grand canyon national park

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Administrative History of Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon

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History of the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon History. Buildings, railroads, lodging, and new trails along with fabulous photos and paintings depicting the canyon and eventual National Park status inbeckoned tourists from all over the world with promises of a sight unlike any other in the world.

They were right.

History of the Grand Canyon area

Administrative History of Grand Canyon National Park. Although first afforded Federal protection in as a Forest Reserve and later as a National Monument, Grand Canyon did not achieve National Park status untilthree years after the creation of the National Park Service.

Grand Canyon History

Grand Canyon Association is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park, raising private funds, operating retail shops within the park, and providing premier guided educational programs about the natural and cultural history of the region. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular National Parks in America with more than five million visitors each year.

The history of the Grand Canyon goes back approximately six million years with the Colorado River being the focal point of its creation.

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A history of grand canyon national park
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