An evaluation of zimmer holdings inc a company in the united states

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Zimmer Holdings (A): Acquisition of Centerpulse Switzerland Case Solution

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Zimmer PSI Shoulder has been available to a limited number of surgeons in Europe since May and it will now be made available to shoulder surgeons across the United States.

Zimmer Biomet Holdings to Present at Morgan Stanley 16th Annual Global Healthcare Conference. Indiana, Zimmer Biomet is a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare.

The Bilderbergers of 1991

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The organizations on this list already have Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) accounts. Please do not create a new PRS account if your organization already has one. Zimmer Holdings, Inc.

Hip Implants - Zimmer Durom Cup Recall

(the “Company”) has subm itted to its stockholders a proposed restatement and amendment of the Company’s TeamShare Stock Option Plan (the “Plan”) which woul d, among other things, increase the number of .

An evaluation of zimmer holdings inc a company in the united states
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