Cisco as an information age company

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Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Cisco Academic Essay

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Small Business; Midsize Business;. 1) Cisco – Information Age Company. Cisco is far from being an Industrial Age Company. The main reason for this is that the company has been able to recognise the value in IT and use it to better their performance and achieve the desired growth.

According to Weill & Ross (), it is a characteristic of an IT Savvy firm. Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. We help companies of all sizes transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Although Cisco’s ERP vendor selection was driven by the manufacturing groups needs, this does not qualify them as an Industrial Age company proving that even a manufacturing focused company can still categorize itself as an information age company because of factors such as structure, resource allocation, and communication across.

John Chambers, CEO of the giant networking equipment company Cisco, has never lacked either optimism or ambition. Even during the most difficult of times, when his company's spectacular inventory write down in triggered a global collapse in high-tech stocks, Chambers took to the airwaves to reassure everyone that the Internet.

Cisco Systems Architecture: ERP and Web-enabled IT Case Analysis Set the Stage Cisco is frequently cited as an information Age company in contrast to an Industrial Age company.

Cisco as an information age company
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