How to compose email message write an e-mail

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The ease & simplicity of Gmail, available across devices

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Writing an email in Windows Mail is just as easy as writing a letter—and quicker. Before you can send an email to anyone, you need to have that person's email address.

It is possible that the information is already in your computer, but if it isn't, ask the person to give you an email address. Training: Watch this online training video to learn how to create and send email messages as well as reply to and forward an email in Microsoft Outlook Create and send an email, reply to an email message, and forward one.

Create and send an email. Select Home > New Email. Add attendees, a subject, and a message in the email body. Getting text out of a message body isn't as hard as it sounds, provided there is something in the body to search on.

For example, if you are looking for a tracking code in an email and it's always identified as "Tracking code:" you can use InStr, Len, Left or Right functions to find and extract the tracking code.

Or you can use Regular Expressions. The following rules will help your emails look professional and get your message across. Read your message before you send it. Make your subject descriptive and action-oriented. For example: "Managers: Please send your Board Retreat Dates" contains both the name of the group and an action so.

Whenever you send professional email messages, it's really important to make sure the message is perfect. You don't want to blow an opportunity by making any mistakes - either in how you send emails or how you keep track of them. Read on to learn how to write and send top-notch professional email messages.

Click the To text box and type the Email address of the person to whom you’re sending your message. You can also click the To button itself, find the name of the person to whom you’re sending the message in the Address Book, and then click OK.

How to compose email message write an e-mail
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How to Send an Email Using Gmail: 15 Steps (with Pictures)