Infosys is my dream company

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Why TCS / Infosys or any other IT company?

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Talk about a strength. Call it an argument, a thrilling roller tug ride that combines work and damaging life. May 11,  · Infosys Ltd, once a bellwether for India's $ billion-plus IT outsourcing industry, is losing its cachet as the employer of choice for a generation of young IT workers, with staff leaving at an.

Infosys Eligibility Criteria and Interview Process. Infosys is one of the dream company of almost every IT professional. Most of the candidates are not aware of the eligibility criteria for Infosys.

Like any doting father, it was year-old Raju O’s dream to see his daughter Rasila reaching the acme in her career, and indeed his joy knew no bounds when she made it to a prestigious company like Infosys. Why should join Infosys?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. Sai Bala Krishna, You should choose infosys, You might said Infosys is my dream company during interview.

you get to work in a company made famous but suh stalwarts like Nandan Nilekani and none other than Narayan Murthy. Since then the company took off, and the ride turned it into a multinational company revered by the country and the world today.

the tirelessness of the man paid off. Today, Infosys has grown from a venture of 7 workers to a global enterprise employing overpeople, with the turnover of. Last Fall inI interviewed with Amazon Web Services for a senior web developer position and was eventually offered a job with one of the AWS teams.

How to get an internship at Infosys

Interviewing with a massive tech firm like Amazon was a significantly different experience than with any other company I’ve interviewed with, and I want to talk about how it all went.

Infosys is my dream company
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