Mnc companies are they devil in

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Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

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If my teacher is true this big ideas are all set to their own health because they are high jobs from the small business and then keeping mafia connections. * International companies are importers and exporters, they have no investment outside of their home country. Multinational companies have investment in other countries, but do not have coordinated product offerings in each country.

Multinational Companies: Are they devils in disguise?

Essay about Mnc Companies: Are They Devil in Disguise. MNCs are companies that manage production or deliver services in several countries.

According to me, no MNC’s can be devil in disguise. MNC’s brought India at a new level. Yes definitely these have some advantages and if the government agree to take part in the changing of disadvantage then surely MNCs will be more beneficial for our country.

In my opinion, multinational companies are not devils but boon to Indian economy. I think they bring lot of benefits to our nation. For example, people working in multinational companies are getting lot of opportunities.

People are exposed to different cultures around the world. 4) Youngsters only are getting jobs, not the adults. 5) There is a age limit in MNC’s, somehow around 40s or 45s. 6) leads to drainage of wealth to foreign countries.

7) due to adoption of capital intensive means of production lot of people are unemployed. MNCs are definitely not devils in disguise. Top 10 MNC (Multinational Companies) in India February 13, By Susmita 26 Comments Multinational Companies are the giant companies having their origin in one country and running their operations in more than one country.

Mnc companies are they devil in
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