Pollen anthesis

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Stress, Anthesis - Silk Interval and Corn Yield Potential

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Dehiscence (botany)

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anthesis, the strategically placed anthers are thus able to pour or ‘‘shake’’ their powdery pollen grains through the pores onto visitors when they tip the structure over as they enter the flower (Fig. 2f). ABSTRACT. Reproductive stage water stress leads to spikelet sterility in wheat.

Whereas drought stress at anthesis affects mainly grain size, stress at the young microspore stage of pollen development is characterized by abortion of pollen development and reduction in grain number. Pollination ecology of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius linn) Arun K. Pandey * and Aloka Kumari the stigma pushes through the mass of pollen, becomes coated with pollen and gets safflower pistil without pollen at the time of anthesis; (C) Pollen grains.

Viability was greatest between 0 - 3 days of anther dehiscence and during April, whilst December had the lowest pollen viability. For Cannabis sativa the first 3 days after anthesis are the most important for fertilization, following the 3rd day there is a rapid decline in viability.

Transfer of pollen may occur in monads or grouped in agricultural grass species, the work done on anthesis and pollen dispersing units as: (i) filamentous pollen tangling; anther dehiscence in tree and plant species is meagre.

(ii) pollen stickiness by viscous substances (pollenkitt, Subba Reddi and Reddi [26] reported the anthesis and tryphine, elastoviscin) exuded from the tapetum; (iii) anther dehiscence.

Shortly after this event occurs male anthesis initiates and pollen begins to be produced. In some species the pollen is observed as a powdery dust that is visibly shed while in others it appears like a fuzzy material on the spadix. Pollen is also produced in a similar fashion within unisexual aroid genera.

Pollen anthesis
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